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How does it work?

The key word is "uncomplicated". We keep it simple because none of our clients want to create a pile of paper or to maintain tedious systems. Neither do we. We know that only those straightforward solutions that fit your line of business will work. We offer you low-maintenance solutions with a beginning and an end. Not high-maintenance long-term projects.

We want our clients to be successful because we helped them improve their business. Clients who will recommend our work to others. Therefore QAid provides 'quality' quality and regulatory solutions and tools that will work. Handy and convenient so that you can do your work.

That's why QAid starts with a face-to-face meeting for an immediate inventory of your request and of the match with your company. QAid let's you know without delay exactly what QAid can do for your company. Next you'll receive a plan. The plan includes clear steps towards the solution, timing and budget and for those important milestones along the way.

Once you have been convinced about how QAid can help your business, the co-operation can start. If not, no harm done, no invoice. It's that simple. Because clarity is our middle name.

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Quality matters

Quality matters